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Wall Paper Trends for 2017

Discussing wallpaper options can be an unsettling topic because of the negativity associated with the tacky and outdated prints used years ago. Fortunately, there has been a ton of new innovation in the design and creation of wallpaper that the negative association has been lifted. Wallpaper is making a serious comeback and is proving to be a popular choice amongst interior designers.

I have always had an affinity for luxury wallpapers, even when they weren’t so popular or mainstream. The great thing about new wallpaper design is that there are so many different options from talented artists. The new revolutionary wallpaper prints are remedying our preconceived ideas and bringing more wallpaper to residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. I recently incorporated some beautiful large-scale Wall & Deco super graphic wallpaper in two of my designed spaces.


Wall & Deco in 51Fifteen Cuisine & Cocktails


Wall & Deco in Tiffallie Fashion Boutique

Elitis in Uptown Eclectic 

When used correctly, wallpaper can add impact, texture, and personality to the design of any space. With so many designs and wallpaper options available, its easy to add a bold statement pattern or a contemporary texture to the walls your home. Below are some wallpaper looks I have selected to inspire you to love wallpaper!


Image Source: Arte


Image Source: Murals Wallpaper


Image Source: Wall & Deco 

Image Source: Elitis

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Cover Photo: Elitis