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Wall&deco Contemporary Wallpaper Magazine Interview

Huge thank you to Wall&decò for the selecting me for an interview to discuss the importance of decor and design in the new millennium. I am so excited and honored to share the 2017 International Annual Edition of the Wall&decò Lifestyle Magazine which features their latest collections, color palettes, design moods, and exclusive interviews with only four of the world’s top designers, including yours truly!

The gorgeous spread features images from our award-winning design of 51Fifteen Cuisine and Cocktails and the stunning Wall&decò wallpaper we used in the newly designed bar and lounge area of the restaurant.

I would like to congratulate the three other international designers who were featured in this year’s magazine: Gerard Faivre from Paris, Paolo Badesco from Italy, and Sylvie Zerat from Paris. I am always so inspired by the beautiful works of designers around the world. Thank you to all, including my wonderful team! This is truly an incredible honor to be listed amongst these talented designers.

Please take a quick moment to check out the magazine interview below as well as pictures from my design of 51Fifteen Cuisine and Cocktails. You can also find the full magazine here. Enjoy!

Wall&deco Magazine

What is the importance of décor in defining the style of an interior?

Nina Magon:
Defining the style of an interior is the most important aspect when creating an interior design project. Once the objective has been defined, it is easy to create an interior which mirrors a particular take on living contemporary, eclectic or even traditional. The desired approach can be created in exploring various sources of inspiration and trying to understand the essence of different historic ages, cultures, and populations. Interior design defines and evokes sensations, memories and life styles it speaks without needing to speak, whenever the project is faithfully developed and created.

Wall&deco Magazine Spread


What is the added value in the selection of wallpaper for an interior design project?

The greatness of new wallpapers lies in the development of printing methods and the artistic inventiveness of its creators. When used in the right way, wallpaper can radically change an interiors personality, not only does it create captivating, large-scale and high visual impact patterns, but it also simplifies the creation of an interior, while maintaining the designed style and creating a connection between all the elements therein. In the project for 51Fifteen Cuisine and Cocktail, Houston, we used wallpaper by Wall&decò, with large graphics to create light reverberation on ceilings in the restaurant foyer a three-dimensional pattern which adds depth and color to the places.


What are the favorite style of this new millennium?

As designers, we learn how to delve back into the past for future reinterpretations. Personally, I have a passion for modern and new age. I am particularly fascinated by the process which enables a retake of themes from historic architecture, rendering them modern without compromising their integrity and charm. The new colour trends for 2017 are brimming with passion and an energetic self-expression. Intense and vibrant tonalities shall attract the more adventurous, whereas warm and neutral tones shall pander to “green” spirits. Another trend is centred around the use of metals such as gold, brass, and copper, perfect for conferring a certain elegance upon modern interiors, I also love marble, because it is extremely versatile. Lastly, there’s lighting, the use of scenographic light points is a contemporary way of conferring luminosity upon interiors.


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