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What you should know before purchasing a rug

The 411 on Rugs!

From selecting the right size and style, to selecting the right color and texture, this blog will give you additional support on where and how to search for the best rug for your space.

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Create a Furniture Layout

Before heading out to shop or having an online shopping frenzy on One Kings Lane, create a furniture layout to know what size is best for your space. Your layout does not have to be a professional one, but one that includes the overall dimensions of your space and preferably the dimensions of your furniture pieces. By doing this you will save time from purchasing and returning a rug that it too large or too small for your space and you will know the exact size needed. A furniture layout will give you a blueprint of the room to help you determine which size fits best.

           Area Rug vs. Accent Rug

If you are looking for an area rug, keep in mind that it should fit the arrangement of the room and the furniture in it. That being said, at least a third of the furniture should be able to fit onto it. On the other hand, if it’s an accent rug you are in search for, dimensions will be needed for that particular space.


Photo Source: Designed by Contour Interior Design; Photography: Laurie Perez

Decide on color

When deciding on buying a rug with more colors, it is imperative to initially figure out what your color palette is. You can either pull colors from accents in the room or select similar colors based on the existing ones in the room.  For example, if you have a hot pink throw pillow on the sofa, look for a rug with accents of hot pink. On the other hand, if you want to go with dissimilar colors than what is currently in the room, go with a complementary color. The easiest way to decide on what the complementary colors are is to look up the colors on a color wheel. For example, if orange is the color of choice in the room, try different shades of blue as the accent colors on the rug. Check out a color wheel here.


Photo Source: Designed by Contour Interior Design; Photography: Laurie Perez

Think about texture

If the space you are purchasing for is more of a modern and clean space, add a rug with texture for added warmth and comfort such as a frieze. When choosing texture for floors, you must ask yourself the following questions. Is this a high traffic area? Do you have children that like to sit/lounge on the floor in this room? If yes, go with a low-pile rug or wool rug. If the room is a low-traffic area, try a softer rug made of semi-worsted wool with silk or a bamboo blend.

Have more questions on selecting the best rug for your space? Please send me your comments below and as always remember to  “Live Stylish”!

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Cover Photo Source: Dwell at Met Lofts