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The Modern Media Room

The design possibilities are limitless when it comes to creating an elegant, modern media room. In today’s day and age, more homes are transforming extra rooms into spectacular urban spaces that offer entertainment and comfort for the entire family. Our latest project, which you can see here and here, featured a custom media room design that mixed modern design and modern technology.

For the twenty-first century entertainer, having a modern home media room is a must. Although it might seem like an extravagant home addition, watching the latest movies and entertaining your guest in a room filled with stylish furniture and accessories will completely enhance your media room experience. If you’re serious about creating your own modern media room, take the time to research the best seating and technology to best fit your space. If you need a bit more guidance, follow these tips to turn your home media ideas into reality!

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Contour Interior Design

First, consider your space and what you are wanting to achieve. In our Villa Italiana project, we chose to design a media room that would serve additional purposes besides being a place for TV and movies. It is easy to recreate the effect of a home theater in a media room through the use of blackout shades, dimming lights, and comfortable custom seating while still allowing to be fully functional in other ways.

Comfortable seats
Whether it’s a sofa or contemporary cinema seating, the first thing every home media room needs is a relaxing place to sit. The idea is to make the space as inviting and comfortable as possible. Even if you decide to mimic a traditional commercial theater by setting up the room with row seating, make sure there’s enough room for everyone to stretch and move around freely.


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There are a few great options when it comes to soundproofing your media room. If you are in the process of building your home, consult with your builder about installing zero-sound drywall to reduce the amount of sound leaving the room. For those of you who are renovating a current space the use of light blocking drapes helps with sound deadening, along with carpeting the floor. Another great option is to create acoustic panels on the walls that are made to specifically isolate and absorb sound.  Be creative and design your acoustic wall with fabrics of different colors or chose to have art or photos silkscreened on them.


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In previous years, incorporating home automation in your media room was too expensive and impractical for the average homeowner — many systems had to be built into new homes, and couldn’t be added to existing structures.

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David Scott Interiors 

Finally, when putting the finishing touches on the home theater room, keep it simple by not going overboard on decor. You want the room to be as uncluttered and clear as possible, as the less stuff there is the easier it will be to upkeep. If incorporating a coffee table or ottoman, leaving a large enough space between the piece and your sofa to keep the space easy to navigate.

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The kitchen may only be a few steps away, but having a small bar in the media room allows you to refill your drink without missing a beat or also use the space for entertaining guest. Adding a full-fledged built-in home bar will make the room multifunctional when it comes to entertaining friends and family!

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